Marriage Intentions

Marriage Intentions forms are to be filed in the town which you reside in. If you are an out-of-state resident, you can file intentions in any town in Maine but it’s best to file in the town you plan to be married in. The couple needs to be in the presence of the town clerk to fill out the intentions form, or they can fill out the form and have both signatures notarized before submitting.

Your marriage license is generated with information from the intentions form. Both partners are required to be present when picking up the license. Marriage licenses cannot be issued without original signatures.

Note: Couples do not automatically receive a copy of their marriage license when the ceremony is finalized. You can order copies from the town office of the place of marriage, place of residency and/or by contacting the Augusta Office of Vital Records (1-888-664-9491 or 287-1919).


  • Filing Intentions = $40 ($20 each)
  • Certified copy of Marriage License = $15 each
  • Additional certified copies (if ordered at once) = $6 each
  • Contact Town Hall for Notary Services

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