Utility Board Members
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Jimmy Goodson, Town Manager
Karen Motycka, Finance Officer
Aaron Zurek, Operator
Noah Clark, Operator Assistant

(207) 326-4845 or (207) 326-4502
For questions or problems regarding sewer service, contact the Pollution Control Facility at 326-4845.
For billing questions, contact Karen Motycka at the Town Office, 326-4502.

Quarterly Rate
A minimum meter charge for 800 cubic feet is $135 per quarter.
For all in excess of 800 cubic feet per quarter $24.25 per 100 cubic feet will be charged.
Quarterly billing occurs in April, July, October, and January.

Seasonal Rate
A minimum meter charge for 1,100 cubic feet is $540 per season.
For all in excess of 1,100 cubic feet per season $24.25 per 100 cubic feet will be charged.
Seasonal billing occurs in April for minimum water and in December for Sewer and any water overage.

In June of 1999, a law was passed on Mercury pollution prevention.
How to Reduce Mercury in Maine Waterways
Don’t ever discharge mercury into the sewer.
Choose alternatives for mercury-containing products, including mercury-free batteries, thermometers with colored alcohol or digital thermometers.
Buy alternatives that do not contain thermosol, phenylmercuric acetate, or mercuric oxide.

We need your help!

Mercury Contamination
Maine’s waters are at risk due to mercury contamination. This contamination is serious enough that the Bureau of Health has issued fish advisories for all surface water bodies in the state. These advisors warn pregnant women, women planning pregnancy within one year, nursing mothers, and children less than 8 years of age not to eat warm water fish (bass, perch, pickerel, eel) and limit eating cold water fish (trout, salmon) to 1 meal per month.

Community and Business Impact
These advisories could result in a decline in the popularity of sport fishing. Many small businesses rely on this type of tourism to be able to make a profit. As more and more people learn of the mercury contamination in Maine waters, we could see a decrease in the amount of money brought into the state by people wanting to sport fish. This contamination also has a negative effect on people who depend on the fishing industry to make a living.

What Your Community is Doing
Wastewater treatment facility staff are working to develop a plan which will work towards identifying sources of mercury and investigate what can be done to prevent this material from being discharged to the sewer system. We will be working with industries and manufacturing facilities to see what they could do to eliminate or modify any practices that would result in the discharge of mercury.

What You Can Do To Help
Please utilize all of your household cleaning products as intended by the manufacturer. Please do not dispose of chemicals, cleaners, paints, or any other materials by dumping them down the drain. The treatment facility was not designed to treat these types of wastes, which can severely disrupt the operation. If you have any chemicals, including any mercury, that you would like to dispose of, please contact the treatment plant staff and we’ll put you in touch with the right people. In the future, keep reading the labels of the products you buy, and you might start seeing some information concerning mercury content. This will enable you to purchase products with reduced mercury content. All of your individual efforts combined with others will help clean up Maine’s waters.

Thank You for Your Assistance

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