Registrations, Licenses & Forms


Motor Vehicle Registrations

Automobile registrations in Maine are valid for one year starting at whichever month you are registering your vehicle at time of new purchase.

New Registration: When a new car is purchased, whether through a dealership or a private sale, the Castine Town Office can process and issue plates unless a vanity plate is desired. You will need:

  • Vehicle information
  • Title (signed) if the vehicle is 1995 or newer or Title Application (light blue) from the Dealer
  • Bill of Sale or a previous State registration form
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Current mileage
  • Check, Cash or Credit/Debit card (which is subject to a 2.5% merchant fee)


  • A standard Maine License Plate (Chickadee) = $35/year
  • Vanity Plate is an additional $25/year
  • All other Specialty Plates (Loon, Lobster, Black Bear, Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Breast Cancer, etc.) are an additional $15/year; with the exception of the Sportsman plate = $20/year.

Vanity Plates: If you wish to have vanity plates on your vehicle, you will have to FIRST come to the Castine town office to pay excise tax. We will issue an excise tax receipt for you to take to a State of Maine BMV Branch (Ellsworth or Bangor) to complete the transaction.

Renewal Registration: Proof of Insurance, current mileage and payment is required.
RAPID RENEWAL IS NOW AVAILABLE:  Rapid renewal is an online service you can perform right from home if your vehicle registration needs to be renewed.
Go to the below link and follow instructions (Rapid_Renewal Manual – User Guide). 


Boat Registrations

The Castine Town Office processes renewal and new boat registrations. Boat registrations are valid for one calendar year.

Renewal Registration: A State registration fee, Excise Tax and a $1 processing fee will be paid at time of renewal.
State Registration Fees:

  • Up to 10 hsp. = $15
  • 11 hsp – 50 hsp = $20
  • 51 hsp – 115 hsp = $26
  • 115 hsp & over = $34
  • Milfoil sticker (access to fresh water) is an additional $10 fee

New Registration: A State registration fee, Excise Tax, a $2 processing fee and Sales Tax (currently 5.5% of the purchase price) will be paid at time of registration. You will need to have a Bill of Sale and documents that supply serial/hull number, year, make and model for the boat. A Maine registration number will be assigned to your new boat which is required to be displayed. If you have purchased a boat that has been previously registered in Maine, please bring in the ME number assigned to it. This ME number will be reassigned to your ownership.


Snowmobile Registrations

Castine town office processes State computerized snowmobile registrations and stickers just like boat. The same information above in the boat section applies for snowmobile transactions.

Fees: $55 State registration fee and a $1 processing fee. New registrations are subject to 5.5% (of the purchase price) Maine Sales Tax and a $2 processing fee.


ATV Registrations

Castine town office processes State computerized ATV registrations and stickers just like boat and snowmobiles. The same information above in the boat section applies for ATV transactions.

Fees: $70 State registration fee and a $1 processing fee. New registrations are subject to 5.5% (of the purchase price) Maine Sales Tax and a $2 processing fee.


Dog Licenses

Dog registrations are mandatory under State Law for all dogs 6-months of age and older. Dog licenses are valid for one year and are due by January 31st of each year. Proof of Rabies vaccination is required and must be current.

  • Neutered/Spayed dog = $6/year
  • Non Neutered/Spayed dog = $11/year
  • Late fee (after Jan 31st) = $25


Voter Registration

Register to vote in the town in which you reside. The State of Maine Statues state your residence town is the town you physically live in and where you lay your head down to sleep each night. The Registrar of Voters is located at the town office and is available during office hours (M-F 8AM – 3:30PM). You can register to vote on the day of an Election. If you are a student, you can register to vote in your home town or in the town you live in, while attending school. You must be a full-time student and be able to provide proof of where you physically reside, if asked.
Maine Residence Fact Sheet



Hunting and Fishing Licenses

To purchase a Maine Hunting License you need to supply your previous year’s license (we may have a copy in our office/computer) or you need to show proof that you have completed a State of Maine Hunter’s Safety course. The same rule applies to purchasing a Maine Archery License.
License fees:

  • Resident Hunting license = $28
  • Resident Fishing license = $27
  • Resident Archery license = $27
  • Resident Hunting/Fishing Combo license = $45
  • Resident Archery/Fishing Combo license = $45
  • Resident Expanded Archery license “either sex” = $34
  • Resident Expanded Archery “antlerless” = $14
  • Junior Hunting license = $10
  • Junior licenses are issued to youngsters ages 10 – 15. Once they are 16 years of age they must obtain an adult license and provide proof of the Hunter’s Safety course completion.

Other licenses are available at the town office. Several years ago, the State designated Castine’s “on-neck” (south of the British Canal) as an Expanded Archery area. This season starts early September and ends early December. FIREARM HUNTING IS PROHIBITED IN THE “ON-NECK” AREA OF CASTINE.



Marriage Intentions

Marriage Intentions forms are to be filed in the town which you reside in. If you are an out-of-state resident, you can file intentions in any town in Maine but it’s best to file in the town you plan to be married in. The bride and groom need to be in the presence of the town clerk to fill out the intentions form, or they can fill out the form and have both signatures notarized before submitting.
Marriage Intention Form 7.2022

Your marriage license is generated with information from the intentions form. Both bride and groom are required to be present when picking up the license. Marriage licenses cannot be issued without original signatures.

Note: Couples do not automatically receive a copy of their marriage license when the ceremony is finalized. You can order copies from the town office of the place of marriage, place of residency and/or by contacting the Augusta Office of Vital Records (1-888-664-9491 or 287-1919).  Click here for form that is required to be completed at time of order Certified Copy Request Form


Birth and Death Certificates

Certified copies of birth and/or death records are available in the town as place of the event or the person’s resident town. Copies are also available at the Augusta Office of Vital Records (1-888-664-9491 or 287-1919).  Click here for form that is required to be completed at time of order Certified Copy Request Form

  • Certified copies of birth/death records = $15 each
  • Additional copies of birth/death records (if ordered at once) = $6 each


Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for any open burning on your property. Burn permits are also necessary for campfires, bonfires, or BBQ’s at the Backshore Beach, along Castine shores and for any other activity involving fire. There is no charge for a Burn Permit.

If you have any questions regarding the need for a burn permit, or to obtain the permit, please contact Fire Chief, Randy Stearns (326-4997), Assistant Fire Chief, Peter Vogell (326-9334), the Fire Station, (207) 326-8767 and/or the Town Office, (207) 326-4502.


Other Forms

View / Download the forms below, all are Adobe PDF files View / Download PDF file .

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