2022 Comprehensive Plan

2022 Comprehensive Plan

In the summer of 2021, Castine Maine began a comprehensive planning process designed to explore the anticipated environmental, societal, and infrastructural needs of the town over the next decade. When complete, the 2022 Comprehensive Plan researched and assembled by a committee of nine residents who were appointed by the town Selectboard will offer recommendations based on input from municipal, cultural, and economic entities in and around Castine.

A comprehensive planning process and the ultimate plan it delivers are vital to a town’s ability and eligibility to receive some levels of state and federal grant and funding allocations. The plan is also designed to serve as a roadmap for future development and zoning within the town and will contain 15 chapters grouped into three pillars of Society, Infrastructure and Environment.

The committee is dedicated to hearing from stakeholders and organizations of all sizes and structures throughout Castine.  The Hancock County Planning Commission has been retained as advisors to the comprehensive planning process.

The final plan is aimed for delivery and adoption at a vote in the May 2023 town meeting. Once passed by the Town, the plan will be sent to the State for approval.

Public Engagement

Community engagement is vital to the Comprehensive Planning process. In addition to soliciting feedback in small stakeholder meetings the committee will host:

  • In-person and online town halls
  • A detailed online survey for the entire community
  • Town Halls and QAs on each of the pillar subject areas

Bimonthly Comprehensive Planning Meetings are held at 5pm in Emerson Hall on the second and fourth Wednesdays of ever month. Any community member who would like to listen to or observe monthly working group meetings either  in-person or via zoom is invited to do so. Please contact the Town Office or check the Town Calendar Website for Zoom web address.

Comprehensive Plan Chapters

  • Population
  • Economy
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Water Resources
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Natural Resources
  • Fiscal Capacity
  • Vision Statement
  • History
  • Recreation & Health
  • Marine Resources
  • Capital Improvements
  • Future Land Use
  • Climate Change


2021 Q4: Research/Stakeholder Engagement/Public Engagement
2022 Q1: Research/Stakeholder QA & Feedback/Data Input & Plan Framing
2022 Q2: Stakeholder QA & Feedback/Public Engagement
2022 Q3 & Q4: Writing and Follow Up
2023 Q1: Presentation to State
2023 Q2: Castine Town Meeting

Committee Members

Comprehensive Committee members were selected and confirmed by the Town Selectboard in the spring of 2021.

Jake Albon
Roberta Boczkiewicz, Secretary
Andrew Fisher
Kelly Ann Gualtieri
Kirk Langford
Peter Lewis
Kate Noel, Chair
Tony Politano
Zach Sawyer, Vice Chair