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Spring 2020 Notices:

July 14th Primary/Referendum Election:

The State Primary and Special Referendum Election is Tuesday, July 14.

At this time, both in-person and absentee voting are available for the July 14 election.

For the Town of Castine, in-person voting will take place on July 14 at Emerson Hall, 67 Court Street. This location will be open from 8AM until 8PM.

Voters may cast an absentee ballot instead of voting in person. To minimize interaction with others during this public health pandemic (COVID-19), some voters may prefer voting by absentee ballot. Casting an absentee ballot is convenient and secure.

Absentee ballots may be requested in writing, by phone, online, or in person up to and including the day of the election, without specifying a reason. However, if you are asking to receive your ballot by mail, please request it early enough to allow for postal mail delivery time – both to receive it and return it (2-5 days each way).
• You can request an absentee ballot by calling your Municipal Clerk’s office at 326-4502.
• You can request an absentee ballot online or by mail from the Secretary of State’s website:
• Absentee ballot requests are being accepted right now. Printed ballots will be available by mid-June, and we will issue your ballot as soon as possible after that date.
• Ballots must be returned to the municipal clerk no later than 8:00 pm on 7/14 Election Day.

For additional information go to:

Town Office CLOSED:

Friday, July 3rd due to the July 4th  Holiday



The Town of Castine seeks proposals for paving on both Latour Street and Madockawando Road. These projects can be bid separately or together. Bid forms are available on the Town website ( ), by email ( and at the Town Office. Bids are due by 2:00pm, Tuesday, June 09, 2020.

NOTICE TO Paving Contractors-2020-05-22

Latour Street Bid Form – May 22 2020

Madockawando Bid Form – May 22 2020



Governor Janet Mills Administration Launches Campaign to Remind Maine People to Explore Their Health Coverage Options in the Face of COVID-19
May 13, 2020

Those who have lost a job or income can visit to learn more and apply
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) today launched a statewide campaign to promote awareness of affordable health insurance options, particularly for people whose employment or income has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
For more information click on the link below:



Governor Janet Mills “Stay Safer at Home” Executive Order and the 4-Stage Plan for re-opening Maine’s Economy:


Please Respond to the 2020 Census:

The results of the 2020 Census will help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next decade. Let’s make sure Castine gets its share.

As of May 6, 2020 the National census response rate is 57.7%, Maine is 48.1%, Hancock County is 31.9% and Castine is 10.7%.

Please respond to the 2020 US Census. You may respond on-line. Go to:

Vandalism at Fort George:

Fort George Statement

Castine Area Relief Fund (CARF):

CARF flyer

Castine Area Relief Fund:
1. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and in response to the growing needs of area residents, a group of concerned citizens has formed the Castine Area Relief Fund.
2. If you or someone you know, as a consequence of the pandemic, is in need of basic assistance, please contact one of the local churches or other local charitable organizations, and you will be directed to a person who wants to help.
3. If anyone would like to make a donation to this worthwhile endeavor, please send a check made out to the Castine Area Relief Fund to the below address: Castine Area Relief Fund P.O. Box 506 Castine, ME 04421.



Transfer Station & Curbside Pick-up Programs back to NORMAL SCHEDULES:

Transfer Station:
Mondays: CLOSED
Tuesdays: 8AM to 1PM
Wednesdays: 8AM to 1PM
Thursdays: 8AM to 1PM
Fridays: 8AM to 1PM
Saturdays: 8AM to 12 Noon
Sundays: CLOSED
Please practice social distancing at all times.

Curbside Trash Pick-up:
June: Mon, 6/1; Mon, 6/8; Mon, 6/15; Mon, 6/22 and Mon, 6/29

Curbside Recycling Pick-up:
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
June: Tues, 6/2 and Tues, 6/16


Trash Stickers are T&C Market:

A big thank you to Todd Tobey owner of T&C Market. Due to these COVID-19 challenging times and closures, T&C Market has offered to sell trash stickers. They are available to purchase during store business hours.
Current Store Hours:
7AM to 6PM = Everyday (Monday thru Sunday)



Notice to Contractors – Request for Proposal:

The Town of Castine seeks proposals for the repair of a roof leak around the chimney at the Castine Wastewater Treatment Plant. Included in this proposal shall be the repair of a 4×4 section of ceiling sheetrock and insulation.
Bid forms are available on the Town website ( ), by email ( and at the Town Office. Bids are open until a Contractor is selected. Bid Form – Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof Leak

Governor Mills Extends State of Civil Emergency As Maine Continues to Combat COVID-19

Governor Mills Extends State of Civil Emergency As Maine Continues to Combat COVID-19
April 14, 2020
As the State continues to respond to COVID-19, Governor Janet Mills today signed a proclamation extending Maine’s state of civil emergency (PDF) for another thirty days through May 15, 2020. The original state of civil emergency was scheduled to expire tomorrow, April 15, 2020.
A state of civil emergency places Maine on highest alert and allows Governor Mills to deploy all available state resources to protect the health and safety of Maine people and to take every action she reasonably deems necessary to help respond to and protect against the spread of COVID-19 in Maine. It also eases Maine’s access to critical federal aid to boost response efforts.
“I wish this proclamation was not necessary, but the continued spread of the virus demands a sustained response by the State,” said Governor Mills. “There will be difficult days and weeks ahead, but I am confident that Maine people will continue to step up to meet this challenge, just as we have in the past, and together we will get through this. For now, I continue to urge Maine people to do their part and stay apart. This is the best way we will defeat this virus and protect the state we all know and love.”
For up-to-date information on Maine’s response to COVID-19, please visit Coronavirus.Maine.Gov.

Governor Mills Issues Executive Order Mandating Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in Maine to Protect Public Health and Safety

Gov Mills Order Establishing Quarantine Restrictions On Travelers Arriving in Maine

April 3, 2020
Governor Janet Mills today issued an Executive Order mandating that travelers arriving in Maine, regardless of their state of residency, self-quarantine for 14 days to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Order, which directs the Maine Department of Transportation, the Maine Turnpike Authority, and others to post this guidance at all major points of entry into the State, exempts individuals who are providing essential services as defined by Governor Mills’ March 24 Executive Order (PDF).
“To slow the spread of this deadly virus and prevent our health care system from being overwhelmed, we must all do our part,” said Governor Mills. “I am mandating that anyone entering Maine self-quarantine for 14 days and abide by Maine’s Stay Healthy at Home Order. These actions will protect the health and safety of everyone.”
Additionally, the Order instructs visitors not to travel to Maine if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and advises them not to travel to Maine if they are traveling from cities or regions identified as COVID-19 hot spots.
To deter travel, the Order also suspends lodging operations, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, and short-term rentals such as those available through VRBO Airbnb, RV parks and campgrounds, and all public and private camping facilities as well as online reservations effective April 5, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.
However, the Order states that lodging can be provided for housing vulnerable populations – such as for children in emergency placements, persons at risk of domestic violence, and homeless individuals as permitted by the State – and for accommodations for health care workers or other workers deemed necessary to support public health, public safety, or critical infrastructure.
While Governor Mills hopes compliance with this Order will be voluntary, it may also be enforced by law enforcement, as necessary. Individual violations of this Order may be charged as a Class E crime subject to a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Additionally, any lodging, park, or campground operator who violates this Order may be construed as violating any license, permit or other authorization to operate and be subject to appropriate penalties.
“We are facing one of the greatest public health crises of the world in more than a century. But if we pull together, we can and will defeat this virus,” said Governor Mills. “Maine is a welcoming state, and we welcome the many servicemembers and medical professionals and others who are coming here to help us. I ask Maine people not to make assumptions about others, and we welcome the cooperation of other visitors and returning residents in quarantining themselves and keeping us all safe in accordance with this order. Let us treat all people in Maine with compassion and kindness. That is how we will get through this.”
The Order is effective immediately and extends until at least April 30, 2020.
Read the Executive Order (PDF). For the latest information and guidance on Maine’s response to COVID-19 please visit

4/1/2020 COVID-19 Statement:

4-1-20 COVID-19 Statement

Governor Mills “Stay at Home” Mandate, starting 4/2/2020:

3/30/20 COVID-19 Statement:

3-30-20 COVID-19 Statement

Governor Mills COVID-19 Executive Order, Effective 3/25/2020:

3-2020 Gov Mills Executive Order – COVID-19

DEP COVID-19 Notice:

DEP – COVID-19 Notice


Returning to CASTINE – Please read the following:


Returning Castine resident COVID-19 Notice

CDC Covid-19 Guidelines


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, 3/17/20, per the Governor’s & Castine Selectboard recommendation, the town office will be closed to foot traffic, the length of time TBD.
The staff will be on duty to take phone calls (326-4502) and emails during regular business hours.
Certain transactions can be processed online.
Check the Town’s website ( for updates and information for completing transactions.
Please call (326-4502) if you need to be seen by appointment for an essential transaction.

We apologize for any inconveniences.


RAPID RENEWAL and Online Boat Registrations NOW AVAILABLE (for renewal registrations ONLY):

Online Boat Renewal Registrations:

Boat Registration Quick Guide
Note: You will need your Maine Registration #. For example ME 1234X (this number is found on your boat registration and/or on either side of the bow of your boat.


Rapid renewal is an online service you can perform right from home if your vehicle registration needs to be renewed.
Go to the below link and follow instructions (Rapid_Renewal Manual – User Guide).



State of Maine’s recent BILL passed:

Sec. F-1. Registrations issued by a municipality. This section affects certain registration and licensing performed at the municipal or county level.
1. Vehicles and trailers. Notwithstanding the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 29-A, chapter 5 or any other law or municipal charter provision or ordinance to the contrary, a registration, including a temporary registration, of a vehicle, including, without limitation, a motor vehicle, all-terrain vehicle, watercraft or snowmobile, or a trailer required to be registered in this State that expires during the period of a state of emergency declared by the Governor in accordance with Title 37-B, section 742 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 is deemed extended until 30 days following the termination of the state of emergency.
2. Renewal of licenses for sale of liquor. Notwithstanding Title 28-A, section 653, subsection 1 or any other law or municipal charter provision or ordinance to the contrary, during the period of a state of emergency declared by the Governor in accordance with Title 37-B, section 742 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and 30 days following the termination of that state of emergency, the municipal officers or, in the case of unincorporated places, the county commissioners may grant the request for a renewal of a license issued pursuant to Title 28-A, Part 3 without a hearing; this subsection does not prohibit the municipal officers or county commissioners, as applicable, from denying a renewal of a license issued pursuant to Title 28-A, Part 3 based upon a finding specified in Title 28-A, section 653, subsection 2 or 3.
3. Dog licenses. Notwithstanding Title 7, chapter 721 or any other law or municipal charter provision or ordinance to the contrary, a license of a dog required to be licensed in this State that expires during the period of a state of emergency declared by the Governor in accordance with Title 37-B, section 742 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 is deemed extended until 30 days following the termination of the state of emergency.
4. Registration or license fees due. The extensions granted pursuant to subsections 1 and 3 of this section do not change the registration or licensing interval for any vehicle or trailer or dog for which the registration or license period was extended, and all registration or licensing fees that would have been due but for the extension are due within 30 days of the termination of the state of emergency.
Sec. F-2. Access to online registration. The Secretary of State, Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, during the period of a state of emergency declared by the Governor in accordance with the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 37-B, section 742 due to the outbreak of COVID-19, shall allow a resident of this State to renew the registration of a motor vehicle, trailer, all-terrain vehicle or watercraft online, regardless of whether the municipality in which that resident resides participates in the online registration service maintained by the bureau or department, for the duration of the state of emergency and 30 days following the termination of the state of emergency.



On Thursday, January 9, Coastal Resources of Maine suffered mechanical damage to a key piece of equipment caused by a fire. The Hampden Fire Department acted quickly, and the fire was contained.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, but two Coastal Resources employees working in the area at the time of the incident were affected with one suffering minor injuries that required immediate medical attention.
The root cause of the fire appears to be a propane tank that exploded during processing.

Hazardous Waste such as propane tanks, including camp stove canisters and the like, ARE NOT accepted at Coastal Resources. Due to the gas and pressure inside, these tanks cannot be recycled with household waste or single stream recycling and are a danger to all who handle waste.

As MRC Members, it is our responsibility to make sure the household waste and recycling sent to Coastal Resources for processing is free of unacceptable materials, especially Hazardous Wastes.

It is the MRC Members’ responsibility to educate their residents on what CAN NOT be disposed of in household waste and recycling.

Please post notices on your Municipal websites and social media pages. It is essential that we encourage our residents to properly dispose of all waste, so they do not risk injuring themselves or sanitation workers.

We cannot risk endangering the lives of sanitation workers by sending dangerous and unacceptable waste to the Coastal Resources of Maine facility.

Please review and reiterate the unacceptable waste list to your residents at:

Municipal Solid Waste Guidelines

Thank you for help in keeping everybody who handles our municipal waste safe.




2020 Dog Registrations were due by Friday, Jan, 31st. There is now a $25 late fee in addition to the dog registration cost.

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Upcoming Events

Monday, June 1
  • Curbside Trash Pick-up Monday, June 1  7:30 am - 8:30 am
    See more details
  • Selectboard/Assessors & Overseers of the Poor Mtg Monday, June 1  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 67 Court St, Castine, ME 04421, USA

    Tentative Agenda:
    1) Approve Liquor License Request for Extension of License on Premises - MMA Sodexo

    See more details
Tuesday, June 2
  • CHPC Mtg = CANCELLED Tuesday, June 2  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 67 Court St, Castine, ME 04421, USA

    No applications received.

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Monday, June 8
  • Historical Society Opens for the Season Monday, June 8 Castine Historical Society

    June 8 – October 12: Risky Business: Square-Rigged Ships and Salted Fish. This 2020 Maine Bicentennial exhibit invites visitors to step back in time to the 1800s when Castine’s working waterfront thrived on a global market. Shipyards and a dozen active wharves stood along  Castine Harbor. Chandleries and sailmakers outfitted schooners and square-riggers amidst the smell of tar, fish and wood. Castine merchants and shipowners ran an effective and largely self-contained international trade in fish, cotton, and salt from about 1820-1860. The exhibit looks at the many risks faced by the men and women sailing wooden ships across the open ocean to carry merchandise to distant ports. 

    Exhibit schedule and hours can be found at

    See more details
  • Curbside Trash Pick-up Monday, June 8  7:30 am - 8:30 am
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Wednesday, June 10
  • Harbor Committee Wednesday, June 10  4:30 pm - 5:30 pm 67 Court St, Castine, ME 04421, USA
    See more details
Thursday, June 11
  • Planning Board Mtg Thursday, June 11  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 67 Court St, Castine, ME 04421, USA

    To consider the following application(s):
    1) Stephen & Elizabeth Lieser; 121 Battle, M20 L4; Building a single family home & earthwork estimate for project in excess of 120 CY.

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