Castine Fire Rescue Department

Castine Fire Rescue Dept logoCastine Fire Rescue Department is dedicated to providing Castine and its surrounding communities with expedient and professional fire suppression and emergency medical response, incident management, fire prevention, and related educational services that are primarily focused on the preservation of life and the protection of property. This is accomplished through a continuous program of training and maintenance of an inventory of modern equipment. Castine Fire Rescue Department continues to proudly serve as a vital, volunteer organization made up of dedicated members of the community.



Siren Graphic (Ver. 4)

Fire Station Roof Siren: The Fire Station roof siren is now in service with a new digital controller. This solves previous issues and expands its use for public alerting to major emergencies. The siren sounds to notify of fire and emergency calls and to alert the public of vehicles responding. The siren is also used to warn of the need to shelter in place or evacuate, letting citizens know that they need to refer to local sources of information such as the town website or television, radio, or other online sites for emergency instructions.

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Reflective House Numbers Needed: Is your house number clearly visible from the road during all weather conditions and seasons?  If not, we may have trouble finding you during an emergency. Signs are to be 12″ x 6″ with BLACK numbers on reflective WHITE background and a BORDER. Please contact the Town Office or go to and obtain a new reflective house number sign to install. Reviewed and accepted by the Castine Historic Preservation Committee (CHPC).  Help us help you!

Defibtech Lifeline AED


Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s): There are currently 25+ AED’s located in various locations on neck, and one is permanently located at the Transfer Station.  Each building at MMA also has at least one available.



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April 20, 2021

Chief Officers
Chief, Randy Stearns
Asst. Chief, Jack Spratt
Asst. Chief/Medical Services: Tom Gutow

CAPT: Peter Vogell
CAPT: Lisa Burton

LT: Korey DeBoth
LT: Noah Morin-Roy
LT: Sawyer King

For emergencies, always call 911

Mailing Address
PO Box 204, Castine, ME 04421

Physical Address
13 Court Street, Castine, ME 04421

Non-Emergency Phone: (207) 326-8767
Fax: (207) 326-8711