Another successful town meeting

Happy June, folks! So nice to see our summer friends beginning to return. Of course, it hardly feels like late spring today, what with the overcast skies and stiff cool wind. But the forecast promises to bring the warm weather back before next weekend, and if this means we get rain, I’m in full support. It has been a very dry May!

This past Saturday we completed our 2018 town meeting. The annual event which is at once a business meeting for the town, and a celebration of the core tenants of democracy, was a complete success. Thanks to Karen, Sue and Jimmy at the town office for putting together warrants, town reports and prepping the selectboard for the day’s work.  And especially thank you to the citizens who took time out of a Saturday in June to do their part in our governence.

The warrant articles were all approved, mostly by unanimous consent. We had a few nice discussions about issues that were important to our residents. The longest discussion was over the new Rental Ordinance. The new policy was eventually adopted by majority.  I am very grateful that the town was able to get this policy passed, and I believe it’s a great first step towards making sure the rental situation in Castine remains fair both to property owners and tenants.

An important note about that to anyone who rents in town (whether year-round or seasonally via an agent or a website like VRBO or AirBNB), you must register your property before August with town hall. THERE IS NO COST TO REGISTRATION, but if you fail to register by mid-August there will be a $25 late fee.

The intention is that this new policy will help keep everyone in town safe, both property owners and renters. Of course, as always, questions and concerns are welcome. Email, or talk to Jimmy Goodson at the town office.

I am also (finally) getting around to setting up an email newsletter, which will be on a weekly basis to start. I’ll send out information for signing up soon and be putting up notifications around town as well. This is all a part of a larger
goal to increase the ways that your government communicates with you, under the theory that consistent and high quality communication helps avoid misunderstandings and allows your government to be more responsive.

After the meeting, I went for a run on the Shore Road and was surprised to find a bald eagle hunched over some carrion. It failed to notice me until I was no more than 10 yards from it, and, startled, attempted desperatly to take it’s meal with it … I wont soon forget the sight of a bald eagle, swarmed by turkey vultures, working so hard to stay airborne. Eventually it broke free of the surly bonds of gravity and made it to the top of a utility pole where it was able to catch it’s breath and avoided the vultures.

A bald eagle perches on a utility pole on the Shore Road on Saturday, June 2.

Lastly, with the MMA pool hours changing for the summer, my office hours will be adjusted to 9 a.m. to 10:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thanks for your understanding while I train for the Peaks to Portland open water swim in July 🙂

From Selectboard member, Colin Powell

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