History of Castine, Maine

Castine, Maine is one of the oldest communities in North America. It has been occupied continuously since the early 1600s as the site of numerous trading posts, forts, missions, and permanent settlements of France, Holland, England, and colonial America. Before 1613, and during the course of its long history, Castine has also been home to several nations of Native Americans. Castine has existed as a town since 1796 and is named after Baron Jean Vincent d’Abbadie de St. Castin, a French nobleman and adventurer who established a trading post in the 1670s. He married the daughter of Madockawando, the chief of the local tribe of Tarratine Natives, with who he had at least two sons. Two streets in present-day Castine, Tarratine Street and Madockawando Street, reflect this heritage.